We are three friends passionate about good food and a weakness for decadent sweets. We came across a unique sweet called Turkish Delight and we immediately fell in love with it!

We discovered that this delicious product was not very well known to our friends and family yet it is very well known in other parts of the world...

The idea hit us and we decided we wanted to bring this product to the mainstream with a fresh look and feel! We tested many different brands and came across a veteran manufacturer who had the BEST we had ever tasted. Even better than the original delights we had eaten!

And now we are here! Welcome to Amaya's Gourmet Turkish Delight!

What we love the most is that we only use natural flavors and do not use any funny sounding preservatives. Our product is Gluten Free, Dairy Free and 100% Vegan - Woo Hoo! The product is packed in resealable pouches to maintain its freshness! Try some today!

A History of Turkish Delight – Our version

The fully apprenticed confectioner, Bekir Efendi, arrived in Istanbul from a small town in eastern Anatolia in 1777, during the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid I. Quickly winning fame and fortune amongst a people with quite the sweet tooth, Turkish Delight became a fashionable gift, wrapped in special, lace handkerchiefs. As the dessert rose to become an object used in the act of courting, it was no surprise that Bekir Efendi was appointed chief confectioner to the Ottoman Court. 


In the 19th century an unknown British traveler became very fond of the Turkish delicacies. He purchased cases of “lokoum” and shipped them to Britain under the name Turkish delight.

It is believed that Picasso enjoyed Turkish delight daily to improve his concentration while Napoleon and Winston Churchill relished pistachio filled Turkish delights.

Today, Turkish Delight remains the sweet of choice in many Turkish homes. Enjoyed worldwide, the subtle flavours of Turkish delight are known to compliment coffee and sweeten the breath at the end of a meal. Traditionally offered as a treat at Christmas in the west, Turkish delight is becoming increasingly popular as a sweet to be enjoyed year-round. Our authentic Turkish delight is attractively packaged in a resealable pouches to maintain their freshness.